How to get here

Nearest airports:
BCN (Barcelona): 2 hours away
GRO (Girona): 1 hour away
PPG (Perpignan, France): 1 hour away

Nearest train stations:
Figueres (30 minutes away)
Figueres-Vilafant Fast -Trains (20 mins away)

Car hire:
Airports: most companies
Figueres Train Station: Europcar, Avis
Figueres Vilafant Train Station (High-Speed Train): Autorent Costa Brava

By car, from Barcelona: AP-7 (2 hours)

By train, from Barcelona (Renfe):
High Speed Train (55 mins./ 20€ approx.)
Regular train (approx. 2 hours)/ 16€ approx.)

By car, from France: A-9 (France), AP-7 (Spain) 1 hour from Perpignan

By train, from Perpignan (SNCF/Renfe):
High Speed Train (23 mins / 20€ approx.)
Regular train (none available)

Bus schedule from Figueres: (Times and availability may change. Double check here for current times)
Sant Llorenç – Figueres:
7:10 am, 3:40 pm, 7:55 pm / 2€ approx.
Figueres – Sant Llorenç
6:15 am, 2:45 pm, 7:00 pm / 2€ approx.