Town Services

Food & Beverage Services
La Societat-Fraternitat (bar/cafè operated by Nuria and Pia)
General Store Can Martí (they have everything! Operated by Maria Rosa)
Samuga Restaurant (Esther’s traditional Catalan cuisine)
Pizzeria la Plaça (Pizzas and more by Chris Froom)
Ca’l Canonge (Grill by Jean Marie)
Hostal de l’Aigua (Creative cuisine by Mikki and Rafa)

Health Services
Sant Llorenç de la Muga has a portable defibrillator
Nearest hospital is in Figueres: Hospital de Figueres
Nearest pharmacy/chemist is in Llers: Ana Casademont

Mobile Phone Services
We get 3G coverage from Movistar, Orange and Vodafone

Sports Complex
F.C. Sant Llorenç de la Muga: Our own 3rd division football team practices and plays in the football pitch located here. It is open for use to the public when the team is not training or playing. The grass is cared for with pride on a weekly basis, so please don’t tear it up if you’re planning a match with friends.
Basketball court: Right beside the football pitch is a paved court also open to the public.
Soft Exercise Park: The town council has provided several exercise machines in an open air park here.

Religious Services
The Catholic Church of Saint Lawrence in the town offers masses every Saturday in Catalan at 6:00 pm.